Thank you to all those who have donated money or helped raise money for the AFB. Your money will go to help armed forces veterans in need.

Donated funds used for the benefit of veterans to date:


 £ 259,157.24



Charity ObjectsAFBBanner10inch

The AFB is authorised to collect funds, operate and organise events in Northern Ireland under section 167 of the Charities Act (NI) 2008.

1. To assist former serving members of the armed forces who are in charitable need as a result of injury or other harmful experience suffered during their service to resettle and rehabilitate into civilian life.

To relieve the needs of former members of the armed forces and their families.

Public Benefit

Supporting veterans who are finding it difficult to make their way in civilian life regardless of their financial circumstances or geographical location. We are an internet based veteran’s network that seeks to establish contact with as many serving and ex-forces personnel as possible. We aim to give our members and supporters purpose through common friendship and a support mechanism with the purpose of helping others to help themselves. Although we are Charity Riders we do not exclude anyone in need of our services. We have successfully located and integrated many troubled ex-service personnel who are either mentally or physically scarred due to operational service. We encourage them to join us at events and give them a sense of purpose through a common bond and fund raising activities.

We offer a support mechanism through an internet based forum to organise direct support to ex-forces personnel and their families e.g. transporting members to organised meets who have no method or financial means to otherwise get involved. As well as direct help through financial support to individuals, we supply inexpensive ICT equipment to allow them to keep in touch through texting, an Internet forum and Skype video calls. This also includes basic IT training tailored to each individual's needs. We make grants to help ex-forces personnel and their families settle into rented housing through paying for bonds and necessary domestic equipment required for basic living needs. If veterans are keen motorcyclists who can no longer ride a standard motorcycle, we will help fund modifications to their motorcycle or help convert it into a trike through our partnership with the [Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD)]. We also seek out small, less well known, service related charities or projects and support them with funds.

On the 21st of July 2012 motorcyclists from the Armed Forces Bikers and their supporters rode either 500 or 100 miles to raise money for armed forces charities and our own projects. The average time taken for each rider was about 14 hours. The event was a great success and we are proud to announce that in excess of £13,500 was raised.

On a weekend in Aug 2013 member of the Armed Forces Bikers and their supports held a families weekend and raised £200 for the UK360 Ride.

On the 3rd of Oct 2012 AFB Charity Project 1 - Get Veterans Connected was launched:


The AFB Trustees in line with the grant making policy and charity objectives have purchased a number of tablet computers as part of a package to "Get Veterans connected to the AFB Forum" which will include 1 x tablet Wi-Fi computer and 1 years broadband payment (which includes a wireless router). Support for set up and use in the form of a getting you started instruction (by AFB IT experts) and a preloaded video with useful tips including how to register, connect and use the AFB forum. How to take photos, make Skype calls, use Photobucket to store pictures and link photos to the forum. The AFB trustees have initially set aside £2000 to this project and will top up the funds to meet the demand as funds become available.





 AFB01 AFB03


Packages issued to-date: 4
Packages pending: 0 

 On the 18th of Oct 2012 AFB Charity Project 2 - Grant Policy Activation:

The AFB Grant policy system, which included the policy document approved by the UK Charity Commission, a live online grant application form, a system for trustee debate and approval and fast bank transfer system to deliver the funds granted, was put into action for the first time today.The first AFB grant was made today at 22:10 hrs agreed by all three AFB trustees and the funds have been transferred to the recipent. Note the new Grant Request Form can be found as a sub-menu to the Grant Policy item on the main website menu.

Update: 27 FEB 18

Total funds granted to-date: £255,107.29


Grants pending:7

Grants ongoing: 0
Grants issued to-date: 209


On the 8th of Nov 2012 AFB Charity Project 3 - Horse Sponsorship and Tack Purchase:

The AFB have today donated £2000 to Horseback UK to sponsor one of their mustang horses for a year. The horse will wear an AFB patch on its blanket and we will get a monthly update on veterans who have trained, ridden and worked with the horse. Horseback UK aims to:
"To empower those who have shown commitment to their country to have a direct input into the recovery of fellow comrades and contribute to society once again."

The following is a breakdown of the donatation:

£1,500 to sponsor a horse for a year
£500 for tack such as saddle blanket, rug, headstall, rope and halter etc

Update - On the 21st Sept 2013 we transferred a further £2000 to sponsor a horse and tack for another year

Horseback ninio 

On the 14th of Nov 2012 AFB Charity Project 4 - Partnership with NABD


After weeks of negotiation with The National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), a partnership has been agreed. £2000 has been transferred to NABD today to start a process which will help fund veterans modify their motorcycles/trikes and enable them to continue riding or ride despite a disability. The intitial funds will periodically be topped up dependant on need and the state of AFB funds at the time.

NABD have modify their application form to include a tick box so that applicants can indicate whether they are veterans, which in turn will trigger a form being sent to them which will ask for the additional details of service along with a leaflet giving information about the AFB and how to become a member of our forum etc. A press release will also be made by NABD to all three services Navy, Army and RAF in addition to reserves, TA and MOD.






Date Service Adaptation Cost AFB Funding
15 Nov2012       £2,000.00
28/06/2013 Army Kliktronic gear changer + fitting costs £750.00  
28/06/2013 Army Convert right foot brake to left foot £550.00  
28/06/2013 Army Modify handlebars to a comfortable riding position £355.00  
01/07/2013       £1,700.00
04/08/2013 Royal Air Force Thumb brake £400.00  
04/08/2013 Royal Navy Kliktronic gear changer – self fitting £350.00  
04/08/2013 Royal Air Force K-lever + fitting cost £750.00  
04/08/2013 Royal Navy K-lever – self fitting £610.00  
23/09/2013       £2,065.00
06/010/2013   Army Kliktronic gear changer + West twin brake/clutch lever - self fitting £1,100.00  
05/02/2014       £1,450.00
06/04/2014 Royal Navy Transfer twist-grip to left,  Left hand brake, Back rest £2,000.00  
01/06/2014 Royal Navy Kliktronic gear changer – self fitting £350.00  
10/07/2014       £2,000.00
10/08/2014   Rear brake adapted to hand control & footplate fitted for right foot £750.00  
02/09/2014       £2,000.00
05/09/2014   Fit K-lever unit for rear brake adaption £1,050.00  
05/09/2014   Hand controls on trike for double above knee amputtee £2,000.00  
27/02/2015       £2,000.00
11/03/2015   Hand controls and sidecar for paraplegic rider £2,000.00  
03/07/2015       £2,000.00
01/11/2015   Kliktronic gear changer & bracket, K-lever2 twin lever & reverse gear unit £2,000.00  
 15/11/2015        £2000
    Totals £15,015.00 £17,215.00




On the 15th of Nov 2012 The AFB made a donation to pay for a respite break organised by NGVFA


National Gulf Veterans and Families Association Registered CharityNumber 1074867

Respite break

  • A yearly five day respite break providing a safe haven for veterans and their families
  • A chance to meet people in a similar situation and make new friends
  • The respite consists of both informative workshops and family entertainment
  • Funding may be available to help members with financial difficulties attend the respite break

The AFB has donated £2,080.00 for the respite break which will pay for:

1 x veteran, partner and 1 x child (under 14 years of age) = £562.00

1 x veteran and carer = £394.00

1 x veteran, partner, 2 x child (15 years plus), and 2 x child (under 14 years of age) = £1,124.00


On the 21st of March 2013 AFB Charity Project 5 - Partnership with H4HV


A partnership has been agreed with Help 4 Homelss Veterans to help with the provision of travel warrants for the more vulnerable veterans to attend the REMOUNT Charity courses. £2000 has been transferred to H4HV today to start a process which will help. The intitial funds will periodically be topped up dependant on need and the state of AFB funds at the time.

Details of the REMOUNT ONE and REMOUNT TWO courses can be found at:

 Update - On the 24th March 2014 we transferred a further £1400 to top up the fund for the Remount Charity Courses


On the 17th of April 2013 AFB Charity Project 6 - Partnership with JFA


A partnership has been agreed with Joint Forces Alliance (JFA) Charity Number 1148125. Initially we will be helping them set up a furniture project with £2000 and then working with them in future helping to support Veterans through their food kitchens plans and other projects to help them relieve poverty and house homeless ex-service personnel.

£2000 has been transferred to JFA today to start a process which will help. The initial funds will periodically be topped up dependant on need and the state of AFB funds at the time.

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