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AFB Trustees Grant Policy 2014

1. AFB Core Objectives are:

a) To assist former serving members of the armed forces who are in charitable need as a result of injury or other harmful experience suffered during their service to resettle and rehabilitate into civilian life.

b) To relieve the needs of former members of the armed forces and their families.

2. Requests for funding are invited from Armed Forces organisations registered with the Charity Commission and from ex-armed forces personnel and their immediate dependants:

a) Grant application can be submitted online via our website Charity page.

b) Applications are considered by trustees with the aim of enabling veterans to network with us by supplying them with cheap computer technology and the means to keep in regular contact with us so that we can support their needs. This will include basic IT training tailored to each individual's needs.

c) We make grants to help veterans and their immediate dependants settle into rented housing through paying for bonds and necessary domestic equipment required for basic living needs.

d) Travel expenses for unemployed veterans to and from courses/interviews/meetings that will lead to employment or help them to integrate into society.

e) Funding of training which will lead directly to full-time employment for unemployed veterans.

f) To provide hardship funds e.g. winter fuel bills, basic food, bedding or other basic living needs.

g) We also seek out small, less well known, service related charities or projects and support them with funds with the aim of working with them to support veterans and their immediate dependants in charitable need. Applications are considered by trustees on a regular basis for small grants of £500, although larger grants of £1000 may be considered.

3. Feedback on project outcomes is appreciated in any case and is required in support of repeat applications.

4. All applicants will receive a response from a trustee whether or not their application has been successful.


The AFB does not fund:

  • Non-Armed Forces Charities and projects or individuals who have not served in the armed forces or are not the immediate dependants of ex-armed forces personnel.
  • Individuals (expeditions, educational purposes, medical treatment or holidays).
  • Projects concerned with travel, adventure, sports or recreation.
  • Organisations which do not have UK charity registration, unless they are a Community Interest Company (CIC) registered with Company House and they are set up purely for the benefit of veterans, and from individuals who are receiving considerable grants from other agencies.
  • Any requests from veterans who reside outside the UK.

The AFB receives many more applications than can be supported and even if your project meets our requirements we may not be able to help. In all cases trustee will ensure that applications are considered on a case by case basis.

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