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UK Registered Charity Number 1147967
Scottish Charity Number SC043586

The AFB is authorised to collect funds, operate and organise events in Northern Ireland under section 167 of the Charities Act (NI) 2008.


AFB Charity Riders the only registered motorcyclists that support our Armed Forces, Veterans and their Dependants.

Forum Membership
Welcome to the Armed Forces Bikers website. We are open to all three Arms of HM Forces, so whether serving or 'ex-' of the Army, Navy or Royal Air Force and you ride a motorcycle, you can register and become a forum member. This does not mean you are a registered patched member of the AFB, at this stage you are classed as an AFB Supporter.

Becoming a Patched AFB Member
If you support our aims and want to show more commitment you can enquire, on the forum or in person, to your Regional Rep. Membership is not a right, it has to be earned by showing commitment (details can be found in our Bye-Laws once you join the AFB Forum). Being ex-forces is not enough, you have to go through a probationary period, for us to get to know you and you us. Membership can be also open to non-veterans who are dedicated to our cause, and we make no apologies for the additional commitment non-service personal or veterans have to show. After a probationary period you may be offered patched membership of the Armed Forces Bikers or Charity Riders status.

We are not associated in any way to any coalition, other motorcycle club or organisation. Your registration to the forum is free.  

Supporters of HM Forces & their families are also welcome.

Charity Objects

1. To assist former serving members of the armed forces who are in charitable need as a result of injury or other harmful experience suffered during their service to resettle and rehabilitate into civilian life.

2. To relieve the needs of former members of the armed forces and their dependants.

Public Benefit

Supporting veterans who are finding it difficult to make their way in civilian life who are in financial difficulty throughout the UK. We offer an internet based veteran’s forum that seeks to establish contact with as many serving and ex-forces personnel as possible. We aim to give our members and supporters purpose through common friendship and a support mechanism with the purpose of helping others to help themselves. Although we are AFB Members and Charity Riders we do not exclude anyone from joining our forum and we offer a clear grant policy for those in need of our charity grants. We have successfully located and integrated many troubled ex-service personnel who are either mentally or physically scarred due to operational service. We encourage them to join us at events and give them a sense of purpose through a common bond and fund raising activities.

PLEASE NOTE - All AFB members can be recognised by the wearing of a front or side-patch which states they are Armed Forces Bikers and will at no time display a back patch or motorcycle club supporters or coalition patches whilst wearing AFB patches. 

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